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We’ll get you started on what to say.

NWOL can help. We can research your area of expertise, determine who your customer base is and find that special something that will spark your target audience. Your website is your virtual salesperson and a superstar salesperson  makes a personal connection with the customer. Website copywriting requires a different approach than other forms of advertising copywriting. Just because certain copy works well for your company brochure doesn’t mean it will work on your website.

Keyword-rich headlines and site content will help your website secure top search engine positions. A results driven, benefits-oriented, personalized website content will compel visitors to stick around, buy, and come back for more!

We offer the following copy-writing services for all your on and offline marketing needs:

How can you keep your website maintained and up-to-date?

Now that your website is up and running, you can sit back and relax, right? Well, not really. In fact, a website is never completely done. The most successful websites are updated frequently and it’s no secret that the search engines love NEW content, so you’ll also want to add new pages to your site often to increase your search engine rankings.

Products, services, seasons, and advertising strategies change constantly, especially in the Internet marketplace where “We’ll get back to you soon” better mean “Within the hour” or else your customer thinks you’re not interested in getting their business.

It’s important to check your images and copy often to make sure they’re fresh and appropriate. Part of keeping your customers coming back to your site is offering something new on a regular basis. Contests, product/service offerings, industry news, and helpful tips are just a few possibilities for updating your content.

As a Networld Online client, you have several options to ensure your site stays current. Which option you choose will depend on several factors including time, resources and finances.

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