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AMP (Automated Marketing Platform) Overview

The AMP Platform or automated marketing platform is a web-based lead and marketing automation system designed to help companies better manage lead flow, communication and opportunities. The AMP platform will nurture a lead from the first contact to closing the deal and through the referral process.

The AMP platform is designed to help control and measure all engagement of your company’s properties across any of your marketing campaigns. You will deliver unique and relevant content through strategically constructed automated messaging campaigns sent directly to your generated leads. Whether you decide to utilize email, web-based forms, phone calls, social media, texting, paid programs or organic methods, all activities will be tracked for your review. This allows you the ability to better control your message, improve your ROI and increase your profitability.


AMP Platform Overview

AMP Dashboard

AMP Conversations

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AMP Marketing

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Customized automated workflow journeys are the heart and soul of the AMP platform. We can create personalized campaigns from scratch to connect directly with your companies generated leads. The nurturing system allows for the integration of automated SMS, voicemail, email, and other calls to action, thus providing your clients with a personalized journey increasing the odds of them becoming a long-term client.

Extensive tracking and analytics allow you to get powerful insights on how your various marketing channels are contributing to your success and bottom line. These reports are available for your review and allow the ability to gauge conversions, impact, and success at all stages throughout your marketing program.

A unique calendar component allows you to honor appointment requests twenty-four hours a day. The AMP calendar system integrates with your personal Google Calendar allowing two-way access ensuring all appointments made through the AMP Platform populate on your Google Calendar and vis versa.


  • Targeted Audience
  • Company location
  • Company Website
  • Client forms if applicable
  • Company Google Calendar
  • Company Facebook Account
  • Company Google My Business
  • Company forwarding email/
    Phone number
  • Do you prefer a buffer between
    appointment times
  • Target Services
  • Targeted Geographic Area
  • VIP/Referral program if applicable


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