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We Believe In Making The Web Equal For Everyone!

The Internet is made equally for everybody & No one should be left behind with a disability. At NWOL, we aim to deploy accessibility compliance measures (WCAG) for website owners to make the web equal for everyone.

Get the Accessibility overlay solution today & don't miss your chance to stand out!

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Online Accessibility Is A Serious Affair

NWOL’s ADA Compliance Widget makes your website regulation compliant in a matter of minutes!

So why are you still waiting?

Make your website adhere to Section 508, ADA & WCAG compliance, as quickly as possible!

Striking Features of Our Web
Accessibility Software

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Screen Color

Change the color in which the screen appears according to your preference.
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Line and text spacing

Adjust the spacing between lines and text for the visually impaired users.
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Font size and alignment

Set your font size and align the text for a personalized reading experience.
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Pointer Size

A large pointer is more visible and makes way for faster and easier navigation.
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Stop animations that can trigger seizures or physical reactions.

Link highlighting

Links are made prominent using high- contrast colors for better accessibility.
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Dyslexia Font

Content on the website is made readable for those with dyslexia for a smoother user experience.
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Page reader

Allows the website content to be read aloud for those with visual impairment.

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Alt text

Provides lucid alternative text for non-text web content such as images for screen reder users.

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Still Wondering Why You Need Website Compliance?

Many large organizations have paid heavily in lawsuits filed against them for not adhering to ADA and WCAG regulations. Additionally, they suffered from PR issues, settlement issues and much more.

A couple of prominent examples:



A lawsuit was filed against the streaming service for failing to provide closed captioning for its video content.



A blind customer filed a lawsuit for not being able to order food from the company's website and app.

Do not make the same mistake as them. Grab the WCAG Compliance widget today!

Supported Platforms

Networld Online’s AI-powered affordable website accessibility
widget works with all major platform
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Reach out to us today, so we may help you make your website accessible for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 require that all electronic and information technology be accessible by people with disabilities.

This includes procurement of accessible information and communications technology (ICT) by the federal government and firms having web content that is accessible to all.

Unlike other widgets that offer partial compliance, our tool makes your website completely compliant with ADA, and Section 508 regulations.

After registration, you’ll receive a code. Simply put the code on your website and immediately ensure website accessibility compliance.

Our tool requires minimal modification to your original website code, is supported on all the major platforms and offers comprehensive compliance according to ADA, WCAG and Section 508 regulations. Simply put – it offers you peace of mind.

No! We do not collect any user information as we give privacy the topmost priority when designing our web solutions.

Our lightweight tool has been through thorough testing to ensure that it doesn’t affect your website’s loading time and performance.

Yes, we will furnish you with an accessibility statement for your website. It would be best if you showcased it on your site.

You should make your website ADA compliant to enable people with disabilities to use it the same way as everyone else, highlighting your promise towards inclusivity.


We value customer privacy above all else. We do not store any user information or data. We follow all strict privacy standards so that your users can have a safe and reliable website experience.

How it Works?

Our online accessibility widget just requires a single line of code to be added to your original code. With an easy installation process, make your website accessible for everyone.
Difficulty in installing the software? We have got you covered!

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