In 2015, Bloomberg revealed Google’s plan to shift its web search to artificial intelligence machines with “RankBrain.” Since then, this algorithm has become an essential part of the SEO world.

A look at the mechanism of RankBrain

RankBrain leverages AI to convert textual search queries into mathematical units, called word vectors. In other words, if RankBrain comes across an unfamiliar string of words, it does the guesswork to find out other words or phrases that may have a similar meaning and fetches the refined result accordingly.

Getting deeper into RankBrain

Let’s consider a query, “US Open.” There could be several intentions behind this search. The user might want to inquire about the US Open Tennis Championship that will begin later this year, or perhaps they are located near Flushing, New York (the site for US Open 2020), and are looking for how to reach the stadium to attend the opening ceremony.

Since the US Open is about to start, a simpler algorithm will show the dates of the tournament as a search result, irrespective of the intent behind the search query. However, with the RankBrain algorithm at work, the story could be different. For example, if the searcher is located in New York, Google might end up giving directions to the US Open stadium. Hence, signals such as the current location of the searcher, freshness of the web content, and so on, can be significant for Rankbrain in interpreting the most satisfying results.

Optimizing for Rank Brain

It’s easy to optimize your website for RankBrain; what you require is to follow Google’s advice, “Try to write content that sounds human.” Yes, just write it in simple and natural language. If you start writing like machines, your website would only end up confusing this algorithm, without getting any optimization benefits.

It’s high time to upgrade your business and include upscale technology to acquire potential customers. RankBrain is among the best innovations in this regard to satisfy your cause; all you need is to enjoy searching with this artificial intelligence invention!

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