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How to Market Your Medical Practice

The complexity of marketing has increased exponentially over the past decade.

Many methods exist to attract more patients to your medical practice. We often rely on digital tools like Google, the number one platform. However, others include Facebook, Instagram, Paid Ads, sponsorships, webinars, and more. Let’s not forget the analog world by working with newspapers, direct mail, complementary partnerships, the local Chamber of Commerce, having an open house, or other medical professionals.

Choosing which channels to use for medical marketing (and which are a waste of time) can be challenging. Be careful; there is no magic answer; it takes a concerted effort and a “balanced attack” to achieve our goal of making your office the “go-to” for a specific treatment. The objective is to create an authority level within a radius of your office where you are the expert. That is how to build a long-term valuable medical practice.

Here are a few tried-and-true medical practice marketing suggestions; review them carefully and create a balanced plan so you can start bringing in new potential patients immediately.

Medical Practice Marketing Ideas

Create a Compelling Website

Your website is the most critical anchor to your plan; you must have a well-structured, education-oriented site to succeed in your medical practice marketing program. This most easily influences how a patient sees your organization. Your website is the best platform to encourage potential patients to learn more about you, what you offer, and how you can help them.

When choosing your website development strategy, you have several options: hiring skilled professionals through popular online services such as Networld Online or utilizing-web based tools like Wix to create the website yourself. Carefully weigh multiple factors before deciding, and consider the required time investment. It may appear substantial, but the result will be worth the time spent. A meticulously constructed, aesthetically pleasing, educational, and mobile-responsive website brings enduring advantages in the long run. Discover the best approach for your needs and reap the rewards of an SEO-friendly online presence. Always consider your objective to get the patient to make contact. We call this a CTA or Call to Action. We want a prospect to click a link, fill out a form, sign up for an event, make an appointment, call us, text us, or stop by. This is our goal, to create a contact.

Boost Your Local Presence: Get Your Listing Noticed, Create Backlinks

Claiming your local listing is the easiest method to build an authority level and increase your backlinks. The task is essential to your medical practice’s marketing tactics because your business is predominantly local. Ensure you include all relevant search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo increasing the likelihood that you will appear in the search results when a local patient looks for a service you provide. In the medical industry, you can join dozens of additional directories, each increasing your Google authority level and improving the chance you will appear on page one for a search.

Make sure your listing is accurate and effectively optimized. Include photos, complete your working hours, specialties, a brief description, and any reviews you may have. Monitor the Q&A section of Google My Business and respond to users’ questions. Regularly monitoring your listings to ensure all the current information is a best practice.

Create and Update a Blog

Answering questions and addressing issues is possible through content marketing. A blog is a valuable tool for accomplishing that objective. Publish articles that are pertinent to your business and the services you provide. Stay current with today’s news and how it might affect your patients, be proactive in discussing new modalities, and review new postings on PubMed.Gov.

What concerns your patients the most?

What are some of the most frequent questions they have?

Which procedures do you use, and how do they work?

Discuss success stories and create case studies.

Look for essential subjects to your specialty and provide your patients with helpful knowledge. Discuss the latest developments in the health sector, offer healthy living advice, or explore any other aspect of a subject that you think your users could find interesting. Additionally, blogging is a fantastic way to boost your SEO and appear in search results because it creates many backlinks and increases your authority level on a specific subject.

Send Surprise Care Packages

You should also include elements of offline advertising to create a balanced attack. Everyone likes free things, so printing your contact information on gifts like pens, mugs, t-shirts, water bottles, and magnets and giving them to prospective patients is a terrific way to ensure your information is visible and shareable.

Significant benefits will help strengthen relationships and promote yourself more effectively on social media. Your business will significantly benefit from word-of-mouth advertising if your patients are pleased with their care and feel good about it.

Invest in Pay-Per-Click Advertising

If properly targeted, paid search is a cost-effective strategy to increase targeted traffic to your website and can provide a high return on investment. If your website is new, promotion on search engines is a fantastic marketing approach for your medical practice.

When a patient searches for a specific service or procedure, paid search will help your medical practice to appear. To evaluate the performance of your paid campaign, you can set criteria like the total number of calls received or the total number of online appointments made through the website. When your paid search is active, it would be wise to intensify other marketing initiatives because your website will no longer appear as the top result once the campaign ends; you want to leverage that traffic. Look at your targeted demographic, and understand what time of day will be best, the days of the week, the type of website to publish your ad, etc. These minor tweaks can drastically improve your ROI (Return On Investment).

Communicate with Your Patients Using Social Media

Social media channels are excellent for establishing your brand and connecting with customers, industry influencers, and other relevant parties. You can conduct polls, provide advice, advertise your most recent blog, publish announcements, display promotions, share business news, and more on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

To expand your network and connect with other healthcare professionals, you should explore LinkedIn. You can also join groups and participate in conversations. When developing a social media strategy, find the most suitable platforms for your target market. Ensure you have enough capacity to maintain consistency across all the platforms you join.

Social media involves much more than just content sharing. It requires talking to and actively engaging with your audience.

Create a Successful Marketing Plan for Your Medical Practice

These tactics create a powerful and highly effective marketing strategy, maximizing the return on investment, especially when you target an indication and create a combination approach to communicate. Developing a marketing strategy is organic and requires calculated experimentation and testing to determine the most impactful message and platform. With each exploration, you gain valuable insights and refine your plan, leading to a more efficient and successful approach.

History shows that medical patients require an average of 8 touches to bring them in; a lot of communication is needed. Deploy SEO, SEM, email, phone calls, funnels, texting, events, videos, etc., when planning your campaigns.

Call us to create a marketing plan that works. Build brand equity and value for you and your company. 

We offer professional marketing services to suit your requirements, giving you the visibility you need to accomplish your objectives. We are all about building your brand equity; this will create a sustainable and valuable business.

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