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ESWT Machine Lease
ESWT Lease tips
ESWT Machine Lease

With a wide network of physicians across the globe, our physicians expect to generate as much as $10,000 monthly offering initial no-cost treatments, with the accompanied $450.00 per treatment that follows.

Six treatments are recommended per patient, but the potential treatment count is limitless. The 12-month ESWT program encompasses the necessities needed to effectively treat your patients’ conditions.

In partnering with a limited number of clinics in each geographic area, NetWorld Online is selective in our approval process.

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  • Complete Shock-Wave System

  • Shock-Wave Applicator

  • 5 different transmitters made of high quality alloy

  • 38 Built-in treatment protocols

  • Exclusive Marketing Program includes:

  • Monthly Email Campaign to current patients

  • Patient referral network

  • Monthly Press Release

  • Pop-up Banner

  • Counter Flyer

  • 500 Tri-folds

  • Google AdWords Campaign

  • Inclusion at (optional)

ESWT Machine Lease

To see if you qualify, give us a call today (561) 331-3000 ext 204 

At Networld, we specialize in Medical Marketing.  We partner with your practice as a whole, find the best marketing strategy and bring it to the public. Our services are based on years of experience and the latest state of the art marketing strategies to promote your practice.

We understand the regenerative medicine therapy space.  We are very familiar with the business model to be successful with platelet-rich plasma therapy, allograft, adipose-derived stem cell treatments, and marketing programs. Areas of indications that some of our partners have found success with our hair restoration, sexual wellness for both men and women, joint pain and more.

Our proven and comprehensive program can help you expand your web presence, patient base and branding opportunities with our customized digital and analog packages that we offer.