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Email marketing is when you send a commercial email message to your ’email subscribers,’ or people who have signed up for your email list and given you explicit permission to send them emails. Email marketing is used to keep your customers informed, increase sales, and build a community around your brand (e.g., with a newsletter).

Modern email marketing has shifted away from mass mailings that are one-size-fits-all in favor of approval, segmentation, and personalization. When constructing your email marketing campaign, NWOL, the email marketing service in Florida, uses creative writing, custom HTML design, and program messaging know-how.

What can you do with email marketing?

  • Keep in touch with your customers with a monthly newsletter.

  • Introduce a new service or product.

  • Present a special discount.

  • Kick off a promotional contest.

  • Offer an incentive for referral business from past clients.

  • Offer an incentive for referral business from past clients.

  • Client appreciation promotion

Creating your email marketing strategy
can be fun!

Every email marketing blast begins a decision cycle for your customer. NWOL optimizes your message at each stage of the process in order to enhance response and increase overall marketing results.

As Your Email Marketing Partner, we can:

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s we are the provider of email marketing service in Florida, we don’t pretend to know your business better than you. You know your business better than anyone, and sharing that knowledge is vital to the success of your Web site. We take that and transform it into a Website that mirrors your business. Of course, we’ll share our expertise with you and make recommendations as required.

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